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These principles are what our employees internalize and follow every day. They are essential to our success and your company’s success.


Do the Right Thing. Our character as a business defines us personally and professionally. As an employee of J4 Media Group, we choose to do the right thing, even when nobody is watching.


Develop a Rapport & Expectation with Customers. We need to focus our actions on delivering certainty to our customers. We rethink and constantly refine our relationships with them, and design the customer experience from their perspective. Because of this, we will know their needs, earn their trust, and meet their expectations.


Lead. Leadership is about empowering others to lead and at times to be led. We believe that we are here to inspire, enable, and celebrate greatness with humility and to make it a lifelong commitment.


Make Decisions. You’re paid for your judgment, and to think about the second and third order effects of your decisions. Drive to those decisions, not discussion. Learn to ask the right questions, listen to the clients, and make decisions keeping the clients view in mind. Decisions are made by those who show up—be there and be prepared.


Communicate. Live in a dialogue rather than a monologue. Formal and informal communication is what we do and they are integral parts of our company—if you know something, somebody else needs to know it too. Speak and write clearly and accurately. Keep in mind that email is no substitute for a phone call, or talking face-to-face. Remember that bad news does not get better with time. It should be communicated as quickly as good news.


Always Strive to Achieve Greatness. Work to educate and enlighten yourself, and broaden your perspective on our business and the world. Listen and be open to others so you can understand not only what is being said, but why it is being said. Never stop believing in yourself, but also ask what you can do to be better as an individual and as a critical member of our company.


Think Green. We are one company for one planet. As we support organizations here and globally, think about what you or our company can do to reduce our global footprint for those who come behind us.

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